This training aims to provide participants with basic up-to-date and relevant information on HIV including transmission, prevention, testing and treatment.

Who is the training for?

The training will be beneficial to professionals across a range of sectors who work with service users who may be living with, or at risk of, HIV, such as LGBT organisations, drugs-related projects, housing/homeless projects, and organisations working with migrant communities and asylum seekers/refugees.

Training Programme Content:

  • Overview of HIV.
  • HIV Statistics.
  • HIV: transmission, prevention, testing and treatment.
  • Condoms and Safer Sex.
  • HIV and STI services and resources.

Length of Training:

This is a half-day training programme, approx. 3 to 3½ hours in duration.

Book this training:

  • Organisation Bookings: Organisations can request this training when there is a number of staff to be trained.  A maximum of 15 participants applies.

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Training Overview

Download the HIV Training Overview.