Safer Injecting Practices

  • Always use your own injecting equipment. Injecting equipment means needles, syringes, water, spoons, filters and any other aspect of injecting paraphernalia.
  • Don’t lend or borrow used equipment to or from anybody (including sexual partners).
  • Don’t inject alone. Try to do it with other people around, and try to make sure you all know what to do in an emergency.
  • Use your own equipment once only and dispose of it carefully.
  • If you have interrupted your drug intake for a while (detox or prison) and you’re thinking of using again, be aware that your level of tolerance has reduced considerably and your body might not be able to bear the same amount it used to.  Take your time, start by injecting half a barrel, wait a minute or two, listen to your body, then you may push the plunger all the way. Or don’t inject; smoke it instead.  It’s a nice way to slowly get re-introduced to the stuff.

Merchants Quay Ireland published a booklet on safer injecting practices aimed at people who inject drugs.

‘Safer Injecting: Reducing the harm associated with Injecting Drug Use’ can be viewed and downloaded at

View or download ‘SAFER INJECTING‘.