Talking to your Doctor

At your first appointment you should expect to have your overall health assessed and have blood tests taken. As part of your ongoing treatment, you will need to attend a clinic every 3 months to monitor both your CD4 count and your Viral Load.

Your blood test results will be discussed with you by a doctor in order to give you an overview of your current health. You may have many questions about terms used in describing your health. You need to know what these terms mean; so ask if you are unsure and write down any details which you feel you may forget. Having this information will help you in adjusting to your diagnosis and equip you in working with your medical team.

Although you are not legally obliged to disclose your HIV status, it is in your best interest that your status be disclosed to your primary healthcare providers such as dentists, general practitioners (GPs) and pharmacists to ensure you get the best medical care. It is important for your GP to be aware of your status in order to prevent the risk of your GP unknowingly prescribing medications which may interfere with your HIV treatment.