Quality Action: Improving HIV Prevention in Europe

Quality Action Logo

Quality Action is an EU co-funded ‘Joint Action on Improving Quality in HIV Prevention’ involving 45 partner organisations from 26 Member States, which started on 1 March 2013.

Quality Action promotes practical tools and materials to maximise the quality of HIV prevention projects and programmes.  Five practical quality improvement tools were developed, and more than 400 quality improvement trainers and facilitators from 25 different European countries participated in training.

HIV Ireland participated in this Quality Action training in 2014, attending six days training.  Following training HIV Ireland piloted the application of the ‘Succeed‘ tool to one of our HIV prevention projects.

More than 80 practical applications of the tools have been carried out across Europe to date and documented in case studies.

In January 2016 a Quality Action Conference was held in Berlin, which was the concluding event of the Joint Action Project.

Highlights of the conference included the launch of the newly developed Policy Kit which offers policy makers the rationale and concrete actions for integrating quality improvement into HIV prevention policies, strategies and action plans at national and regional levels.  The Policy Kit includes the ‘Charter for Quality in HIV Prevention‘ which summarises quality principles, criteria and key activities to put quality improvement into practice and offers practitioners, experts, policy makers and all other stakeholders the opportunity to commit to improving their work in HIV prevention.