Chemsex is a term used for the use of any combination of drugs that includes crystal methamphetamine, mephedrone (and other cathenones) and/or GHB/GBL, specifically for the purposes of gay sex.

The MSM Programme Manager represents HIV Ireland on a National Chemsex Working Group to address issues related to Chemsex amongst the MSM population and to produce harm reduction information and resources.

Organisations represented on the multi-disciplinary group include: HIV Ireland, the Gay Men’s Health Service, HSE-National Drug Treatment Centre, Infectious Diseases Medicine, St. James’s Hospital, Department of Public Health, Social Inclusion and Vulnerable Group, BeLonG To Youth Services, and Rialto Community Drugs Team.

Campaigns and Harm Reduction Information:

G: harm reduction campaign resources

Crystal Meth – coming soon

Education and Training: Understanding Chemsex

In partnership with the Gay Men’s Health Service, HSE, the MSM Programme delivers education and training which aims to increase participants’ knowledge and awareness of Chemsex and issues related to this type of drug use.  Find out more about this training.