Free Resources Service

This is a free service provided to organisations offering access to a range of HIV and sexual health-related educational leaflets and booklets, and condom and lube packs, to promote and educate about HIV and STI prevention and safer sex practices.

Organisations accessing this service include third-level colleges, youth organisations, health service providers, homeless services, LGBT organisations, drug and alcohol services, migrant services, services for sex workers, and many more.

Guidelines and Ts&Cs for the Free Resources Service at HIV Ireland:

  • Download the Resource Request Form and email the completed form to
  • All requests are subject to the availability of resources.
  • Red ribbons are only available free of charge for fundraising initiatives supporting the work of HIV Ireland.
  • The maximum quantities are ‘per order’. Organisations are welcome to submit additional orders when current resources have been depleted.
  • If more than the maximum quantity is required for any specific events, please email us to explain why and we will do our best to support the request.
  • By submitting the request, organisations agree to adhere to our guidelines for the use of the HIV Ireland condom packs: Condom and lube sachets will remain intact for distribution and will not be removed from the branded packaging. Follow our Just Carry One condom campaign.
  • Due to limited resources, Dublin-based organisations are requested to organise collection of the resources from our offices at 70 Eccles Street, Dublin 7. You will be notified when your request is ready for collection. Please collect it within 5 working days of notification.