HIV, Stigma, and Discrimination

This education and training workshop aims to provide participants with an understanding of HIV, living with HIV and HIV-related stigma.

Who is the training for?

This workshop will be beneficial to people working across a range of sectors and professions who want to learn more about the impact of an HIV diagnoses, the law and HIV-related discrimination, where to seek support and how to challenge HIV-related stigma.

Content of the Workshop:

  • Overview of HIV: transmission, prevention, testing and treatment.
  • Living with HIV: impact of an HIV diagnosis, the impact of HIV-related stigma.
  • HIV and the Law: discrimination, transmission, and disclosure.
  • Research and HIV Ireland experiences.
  • Challenging HIV-related stigma.
  • Services and Resources.

Length of Training:

This is a half-day training programme, approx. 4½ hours in duration.

CPD Credits: A certificate of attendance detailing the number of hours training completed is provided to each participant.  This will enable you to apply for your own CPD credits with your accrediting associations and organisations.

Request this training:

Organisations can request this training when there is a number of staff to be trained.  A maximum of 15 participants applies.  Contact us for further details and (possible) costs – email