European HIV-Hepatitis Testing Week

European HIV-Hepatitis Testing Week takes place annually on the last week of November. In 2016 the event runs from Friday 18th to Friday 25th November.  There are now more than 500 participants across 49 countries taking part in activities.

For 2016, HIV Ireland has partnered with the Gay Men’s Health Service and the Know Now project to promote the availability of free community-based testing available in Dublin for the week, uniting with the rest of Europe to increase awareness of the benefits of HIV and hepatitis testing and encourage more people to become aware of their HIV and/or hepatitis status.  It is estimated that approximately 30% of people living with HIV in Ireland are unaware that they are HIV positive, and approximately 40% of those living with hepatitis C are unaware of their status.

The Dublin partnership incorporates a total of 13 testing venues for HIV.  12 testing venues are specifically for men who have sex with men (MSM), with 9 of these offering HIV rapid testing.  The community-based testing at HIV Ireland is open to everyone.  Five sites, including HIV Ireland, will also provide full STI and hepatitis testing.

There are many other locations and clinics around Ireland where free testing is available.  These locations can be found on our testing locator map.

To find out more about European HIV-Hepatitis Testing Week and to access a range of materials and ideas for holding testing and educational events visit