Chemsex Project Coordinator (MPOWER Programme)

An exciting opportunity has arisen to work with the MPOWER Programme at HIV Ireland. A first of it’s kind role in Ireland, the Chemsex Project Coordinator will co-develop and pilot new services and resources that aim to support gbMSM experiencing difficulties with chemsex and/or club drug use.

This role will involve equipping gbMSM who engage in chemsex and/or use club drugs with knowledge, competencies, and resources to proactively manage their use, reduce the risk of HIV and STI acquisition, and to prevent overdoses and other negative health outcomes. The successful candidate will co-develop and deliver person-centred projects that reflects the rights, preferences, and choices of individuals in an environment that is safe, healthy and maintains the individual’s dignity and wellbeing.

The successful candidate will co-develop and deliver a workshop series covering harm reduction and relapse prevention skills, pilot a chemsex peer support group, and co-develop harm reduction resources for gbMSM engaging in chemsex. They will also provide access to supports at HIV Ireland and in community settings including local sexual health clinics.

Experience in crisis support/intervention, group facilitation and community work is essential to this role as is knowledge of the substance use and sexual health needs of gay and bisexual men. Our team values diverse skills, experiences and abilities and we will support the successful candidate to develop to their full potential within the role.

For more information about this position:

Please see the full job description here. Please direct any queries to

To apply for this job, please complete the application form in full. Please do not include CVs or Cover Letters.

Deadline for completed application forms is 12pm (midday) on Thursday 14th July.

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer board member with HIV Ireland?

HIV Ireland is a national non-governmental / non-profit organisation working to advance the rights of people living with and impacted by HIV in Ireland. Established in 1987 as Dublin AIDS Alliance, the organisation has worked tirelessly to provide dedicated community support and advocacy for people living with and impacted by HIV, to raised awareness and combat HIV-related stigma, and to prevent the onward transmission of HIV through effective community-based prevention, education, and outreach programmes.

Our Vision is an end new HIV transmissions and HIV-related stigma and discrimination in Ireland.

Board of Directors / Trustees

As custodians of HIV Ireland, the Board of Directors sets the vision, mission, and values of the organisation, appoints the Executive Director, establishes fundraising targets, oversees sound fiscal governance, and ensures full regulatory compliance in relation to all company and charitable activities.  The Board meets regularly to direct the affairs of the organisation in line with our governing constitution, our mission, and our strategic objectives.

New Board members will be committed to advancing the mission of the organisation for the benefit of people living with and impacted by HIV; make decisions in the best interests of the organisation; uphold the Board’s duty of care towards staff, volunteers, service users and members of the community; ensure proper and prudent care of company assets, facilities, and resources; and oversee adherence to fiscal and regulatory obligations through sound planning, systems, and review.

Current Vacancies

HIV Ireland is seeking four skilled, highly motivated and committed individuals to join our Board of Directors in a volunteer capacity. As a priority, new board members will possess demonstrable skills, qualification and/or expertise in one or more of the following areas:

  • Communications and Media
  • Business Leadership and Governance
  • Politics and Campaigns
  • Community Development and Fundraising

Key Competencies (Essential)

Director/Trustee with experience in Communications and Media

  • Experience in design and/or implementation of multi-year media and communications strategies for a small or medium sized organisations with limited budget and resources.
  • Ability to analyse and provide professional/experience-based insights into media communications, brand management and information sharing techniques.
  • Knowledge of how to determine and ensure meaningful measurable impacts from key messaging and communications activities.
  • In depth knowledge of current Irish media landscape, including broadcast, print and social media content creation.
  • Experience in designing and/or implementing successful media campaigns, with an emphasis on public awareness raising, policy change and/or campaigning for a political purpose.
  • Knowledge of regulatory framework governing campaigning/lobbying for a charity / non-governmental organisation in Ireland.
  • Knowledge of high impact marketing and communications using new media e.g., social media campaigning and marketing.
  • Help to communicate the organisation’s work and foster new partnerships/connections.

Director/Trustee with experience in Business/Corporate Leadership and Governance

  • Extensive experience in a business leadership / management role.
  • Knowledge of company law and business development.
  • Knowledge of financial management, risk management and implementing good governance practices.
  • Experience of devising strategic plans and of implementing key strategic priorities to advance the mission and objectives of an organisation.
  • Ability to identify and advise on new organisational development opportunities
  • Advise on existing / new management and governance practices to increase business efficiency and development.

Director/Trustee with experience in Politics and Campaigns

  • Extensive experience in health / social justice campaigns and messaging (ideally in an Irish health services context).
  • Demonstrable experience of working within Ireland’s political and civic landscape to effect change through lobbying and campaigning.
  • Broad knowledge of political structures in Ireland including political parties, public representatives, and key policy makers.
  • Knowledge of public policy formulation and lobbying strategies
  • Ability to advise on development and design of key campaign messaging.
  • Ability to advise and direct campaigns to advance the objectives of the organisation as outlined in the strategic plan.
  • Ensure campaign implementation in line with company law / charities regulation.
  • Knowledge and experience of how to improve campaign success through data and feedback analysis.

Director/Trustee with experience in Community Development and Fundraising

  • Knowledge and experience of day-to-day management and operations of civic, community and/or voluntary organisations operating in Ireland.
  • Experience and expertise on development key advocacy strategies for patient groups, minority groups, groups experiencing marginalisation (ideally with a health dimension e.g., HIV)
  • Ability to advise on key community development principles guiding Ireland’s community and voluntary sector.
  • Knowledge of local / national community organisation development including strategic planning and implementation
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of Ireland’s statutory funding landscape with an emphasis on health and social services.
  • Knowledge of philanthropic / corporate and other non-statutory funding sources.
  • Advise on identifying short, medium, and long-term fundraising goals.
  • Advise on the development and implementation of the organisation’s ongoing fundraising strategies.
  • Knowledge of fundraising strategies and approaches best suited to a small community-based organisations operating in health and social justice advocacy.

Key Competencies (Desirable) – All Directors/Trustees

  • Good working knowledge of HIV and/or sexual health and related issues in Ireland.
  • Experience of health, human rights and/or social policy development in Ireland.
  • Knowledge and experience of Ireland’s Charities Regulatory Framework.

Becoming a Board Member

New Members of the Board will sign the Director’s Handbook which outlines key roles and responsibilities of Board Members including (but not limited to):

Vision and Leadership:

  • Be committed to the vision, mission, and values of the organisation
  • Provide strategic direction, including agreeing and monitoring strategic plans

Accountability and Legal Responsibilities

  • Ensure the organisation makes efficient use of resources and that all monies are applied to stated objects, agreed plans and budgets.
  • Determine and ensure appropriate mitigation strategies to minimise risks to the organisation, staff, volunteers, and service users.

Financial and Staff Management

  • Understand and advise on the financial position of the organisation.
  • Ensure the organisation operates within its agreed accounting policies.
  • Ensure the organisation is a responsible employer and adheres to legislation.

About Membership

Directors serve for three years, with terms open to renewal for a further 3-year term of office. Meetings are held at the offices of HIV Ireland, 70 Eccles St, Dublin D07 A977 on six occasions per year (bimonthly).

Directors are voluntary, may accrue no financial benefit and will receive no remuneration during their tenure. Participation may involve up to 3 hours per month. All Directors agree to be bound by the Directors’ Handbook and to inform the Board of Directors of any conflicts of interest which may arise in advance of decision making or related activity.

How to join our Board of Directors

Interested candidates who would like to contribute their time and expertise to the Board of Directors should write or email Mr Fergal O’Sullivan, Chair of the Nominations Committee of the Board of Directors, HIV Ireland, 70 Eccles St, Dublin D07A977 Email:

Closing date for expressions of interest: 30 June 2022