Our Strategy

Dublin AIDS Alliance Ltd,  now trading as HIV Ireland, is a voluntary non-governmental organisation which provides a range of services and supports to people living with HIV and which advocates on behalf of people with HIV. Formed in 1987, HIV Ireland has also developed programmes and initiatives around sexual health education and preventative strategies to reduce the contraction and transmission of HIV. Since its establishment HIV Ireland has consistently engaged in policy development and in lobbying and campaigning on issues around HIV, sexual health and the promotion of human rights and equality for people living with HIV. HIV Ireland has also been involved in programmes and strategies aimed at increasing public awareness and understanding about HIV – its causes, its consequences, and the stigma associated with HIV and AIDS.

Our Strategic Plan 2014-2017 sets out our current Strategic Objectives as follows:

Strategic Objective No. 1 – To work towards reducing the prevalence of HIV in Ireland through effective prevention strategies
Strategic Objective No. 2 – To increase public awareness and understanding around HIV and AIDS and to reduce the stigma and discrimination connected with HIV and AIDS
Strategic Objective No. 3 – To improve the quality of life for people living with HIV through quality evidence-based support and advocacy services
Strategic Objective No. 4 – To enhance the promotion of broader sexual health objectives through education and training and through health promotion projects/campaigns in line with national policy
Strategic Objective No. 5 – To inform and to influence policy around issues concerning HIV prevention and sexual health and relating to the lives of people living with HIV
Strategic Objective No. 6 – To enhance the organisational effectiveness and efficiencies of HIV Ireland

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HIVIreland/ DAA STRATEGIC PLAN 2014-2017

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