HIV Testing Services Reports

Rapid HIV Testing Service Report 2019

Our MPOWER Rapid HIV Testing service is provided by trained volunteers confidentially, anonymously and free of charge in a range of gay-identified, community-based settings in Dublin City. We ask all service users to provide non-identifiable statistical information using a registration form when the user attends for a test. As part of a collaboration with the Health Protection Surveillance Centre and other NGO’s offering community-based HIV testing, we submit this data to a national monitoring system for the production of a national report.

Using this same data, we have published a service-specific report for 2019 which adds to our understanding of those who use the service, and the trends in the reactivity rate. It also helps us determine whether people most vulnerable to acquiring HIV are being reached. This report, alongside the national surveillance report, will enable an ongoing assessment of the impact of community HIV testing strategies, helping to inform national testing policy and assisting with the future development and delivery of the service.