Hepatitis & HIV Co-Infection

HIV Co-infection with Hepatitis A – the length of time someone is sick with Hepatitis A can be increased if the person is HIV positive.  The illness might also be more severe.  If someone is HIV positive, the hepatitis A vaccination might not last as long and people might have to get vaccination boosters more regularly.

HIV Co-infection with Hepatitis B – HIV can speed up the progression of Hepatitis B if you are co-infected with both viruses.  Also, if you are HIV positive and get the Hepatitis B vaccinations it might not last as long as if you were HIV negative.

HIV Co-infection with Hepatitis C – HIV speeds up liver damage and the progression of Hepatitis C. If someone is HIV positive it might be harder to diagnose if they have Hepatitis C. Having Hepatitis C can have an effect on how well medication might work for HIV.