HIV and sexual health services for Ukrainian nationals in Ireland

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If you arrive in Ireland from Ukraine, you will be able to get the same healthcare services as people who live in Ireland. The information below is for people living with HIV and for people who want to get tested for HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections. The HSE (Health Service Executive) is Ireland’s public healthcare service, and you can get information about other health services available to you and how to access them here:

HIV and STI testing services in Ireland

You can have HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) without showing any symptoms.  The only way to know if you have HIV, or another STI (including hepatitis) is to have a test.

You should have a test if you are, or have been, sexually active, or if you have ever injected or are currently injecting drugs.

HIV and STI tests are free of charge in Ireland when you use public health services. The tests, and any treatment you may need when you get your test results, are free of charge.

Your test results will be private and confidential, between you and your testing clinic. The outcome of an HIV test does not affect a person’s legal status in Ireland. If you receive an HIV positive test result, this will not affect the outcome of any application for asylum, refugee status, or Humanitarian Leave to Remain.

You can get free HIV and STI tests at any of the public clinics listed here.

Free Condoms

Condoms are available free of charge at some organisations, including free online postal services. Find out the locations and how to order free condoms here.

Information for People Living with HIV

If you have been diagnosed with HIV and are already taking HIV medication, you will need to contact a HIV clinic in Ireland to ensure your medical care and medication is not interrupted.

HIV medication and clinic care (such as clinic appointments) are available free of charge in Ireland when you use public health services. Your legal status does not affect this. If you are a refugee, a person seeking asylum, or a migrant, medication and clinic care is still free of charge. You also do not need to receive your HIV diagnosis in Ireland to access HIV medication for free.

If you can, contact a HIV clinic before you arrive in Ireland (details below). If this is not possible, then contact a HIV clinic as soon as you arrive in Ireland. It would be helpful if you could bring certification of your HIV status and records of any recent HIV blood tests. Bring as much of your HIV medication as you can so you have enough while you wait for an appointment.

If you do not have any official medical documents, it is still important to contact a clinic to provide your HIV medication and care. It will still be available and free of charge.

You can travel with your HIV medication; there will be no difficulty for you bringing your medication into Ireland.

If you lose your HIV medication while you travel, or if you cannot bring your HIV medication with you for any reason, please contact us at:  We will help you connect with a HIV clinic as soon as possible.

HIV clinics in Ireland

Public HIV clinics are located within hospitals in Ireland. Depending on where you will be living in Ireland, you can choose from the following clinics.

County Hospital Name and Location HIV Clinic Name Contact details
Dublin (South) St. James’s Hospital

James’s Street

Dublin 8

The GUIDE Clinic – Hospital 5

Tel: (0)1 416 2315

or (0)1 416 2316

Dublin (South) St. Vincent’s University Hospital

Elm Park

Dublin 4

Department of Infectious Diseases,

1st Floor, Clinical Services Building

Tel: (0)1 221 3363


Dublin (North) The Mater Hospital

Eccles Street

Dublin 7

Infectious Diseases,

Clinic 6, Level 1, Whitty Wing

Tel: (0)1 803 2063
Dublin (North) Beaumont Hospital

Beaumont Road

Dublin 9

Infectious Diseases Clinic, Ground Floor, St. John’s Ward Tel: (0)1 809 3006

or (0)1 809 2211

Galway Galway University Hospital

Newcastle Road


Infectious Diseases Clinic Tel: (0)91 525 200
Cork Cork University Hospital



Infectious Diseases Clinic Tel: (0)21 492 2795
Limerick University Hospital Limerick

St. Nessan’s Road


Co. Limerick

Department of Infectious Diseases Tel: (0)61 482 382
Support Services for people living with HIV

If you need any support with your HIV care, you can write or speak in confidence to a member of our Community Support team at HIV Ireland.


Telephone: 01 873 3799

Our team can help you contact an HIV clinic, and can provide other support services for you. Free counselling services are available at HIV Ireland, and we have trained volunteers living with HIV who are available to chat with you.