There is no cure for HIV but there is great treatment available. People with HIV can live a normal lifespan.

The treatment is called HAART (Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy), which is a combination of medicines that aim to stop the virus replicating in the body and allow the immune system to recover.  It is really important to adhere to the treatment schedule as the HIV can become resistant to the medication if it is not taken properly. People living with HIV can now feel confident that if they have an undetectable viral load and take their HIV medications properly, they will not pass on HIV to sexual partners.

Having an undetectable viral load not only stops HIV being passed on through sex, it is also good for your health. In Ireland, and worldwide, it is now recommended that everyone diagnosed with HIV starts treatment as soon as possible. The benefits of this, such as keeping your immune system strong and preventing illness, means that people can expect to live long, healthy lives.

If you are HIV positive you may be required to attend the hospital every 3 months for a check up.  During this appointment you will have a blood test to monitor your CD4 count, (the number of CD4 cells in your blood), and your Viral Load, (the amount of HIV in your blood).