National LGBTI+ Inclusion Strategy 2019-2021

Published by the Department of Justice and Equality, the National LGBTI Inclusion Strategy aims to promote inclusion, protect rights and to improve quality of life and wellbeing for LGBTI+ people enabling them to participate fully in Ireland’s social, economic, cultural, and political life. The strategy includes four thematic pillars that provide a vision of an Ireland where LGBTI+ people are (1) Visible and included; (2) Treated Equally; (3) Healthy; and (4) Safe and Supported.

HIV Ireland is a member of the National LGBTI+ Steering Group responsible for the implementation of the strategy.

Outcomes to be achieved associated with the HIV response nationally include:

  • People living with HIV in Ireland are supported and not stigmatised.
  • The LGBTI+ community, particularly the men who have sex with men population, are made aware of the risks of contracting HIV and other STIs and of the importance of regular testing.
  • Sexual health services are adequately resourced and available throughout Ireland including in rural locations.
  • Health policy takes consideration of the needs of all population groups including the LGBTI+ community.
  • Healthcare providers and practitioners are trained to understand the identities and needs of their LGBTI+ patients and to avoid making heteronormative assumptions.