HSE National Campaign to address HIV-related Stigma

In January 2020, the HSE Sexual Health and Crisis Pregnancy Programme (SHCPP) launched a new campaign to address HIV-related stigma.  The campaign focuses on the fact that someone on effective HIV treatment cannot pass on HIV to sexual partners, and references the global U=U campaign:

Undetectable = Untransmittable

The campaign was developed by the HSE SHCPP in consultation with a number of community groups and HIV & sexual health NGOs, including HIV Ireland.  Funding for the campaign was provided by the Department of Health as part of the HIV Fast-Track Cities initiative. One of the targets of this initiative is Zero HIV Stigma and Discrimination.

The campaign aims: (1) to highlight the importance of treatment for people living with HIV, and the benefits of treatment for their own health; and (2) to eliminate worry or fear people living with HIV may have about passing on HIV to sexual partners.

Effective HIV treatment makes a person’s viral load undetectable and HIV untransmittable.

HIV cannot be passed on to sexual partners.

The campaign was advertised on public transport, in social venues and in college locations across the country, as well as on digital platforms.

Campaign Materials

Press Release: HSE launches national campaign to address HIV-related stigma, 27th January 2020

Hard-copy posters: if you would like to display one or more of the campaign posters in your organisation, send us an email with your name, organisation name, postal address and the number of posters you would like, and we will send some out to you.  Email info@hivireland.ie

Social Media:

We welcome support with sharing the campaign messages on social media platforms.

Download the social media images: Image One, Image Two, Image Three, and Image Four.

Campaign Hashtags: #UequalsU #sexualwellbeing

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