On Zero Discrimination Day, 1st March 2019, HIV Ireland is calling on the public, and the Irish Government, to support its work, and that of others, in tackling discrimination in Ireland.

HIV Ireland’s 2017 ‘HIV in Ireland Survey’ revealed the impact that stigma and discrimination has on people living with HIV. The report found that 17 per cent of people living with HIV said they had felt suicidal in the previous 12 months; a quarter were not comfortable with their own HIV positive status; more than half were single; a third had experienced being rejected in a relationship due to their HIV status; and 18% had their HIV status accidently disclosed within a healthcare setting by a healthcare professional.

Commenting, HIV Ireland’s executive director, Niall Mulligan said: “On Zero Discrimination Day, it is crucial for policy makers and politicians to understand the impact that stigma and discrimination is having on people. Negative, or misinformed attitudes to HIV, and towards people living with HIV, can create obstacles for people getting tested, and prevent them from accessing the support they need. We see similar impacts of stigma on people who use drugs, and on sex workers. According to the Sex Workers Alliance of Ireland, recent legislation criminalising the purchase of sex has seen an increase in the risk of violence towards sex workers. The often, unintended consequences of these punitive approaches are inextricably linked to stigma and discrimination. ”

HIV Ireland is calling on the public to support its work in ending discrimination by:

  1. Advocating for change e.g. support HIV Irelands #5Asks Campaign (www.hivireland.ie) and the national #SaferFromHarm campaign for people who use drugs.
  2. Be an ally for people living with HIV; challenge discrimination when you see it.
  3. Demand support from the Government in tackling HIV related discrimination.
  4. Start a petition to change laws that discriminate against people affected by HIV.
  5. Donate time, money or expertise to HIV Ireland by visiting hivireland.ie. Your donation will help support our services. TraceDonate, powered by AID:Tech offers all our supporters end-to-end transparency in the donation process.

For information and statistics on HIV Irelands work in 2017 please visit – http://www.hivireland.ie/wp-content/uploads/Annual-Report-Online-Version.pdf

For information on UNAIDS Zero Discrimination Day 2019 please visit – http://www.unaids.org/en/resources/documents/2019/20190215_ZDD2019_brochure

For information about HIV, testing, safer sex, and support please visit – www.hivireland.ie; www.man2man.ie; www.positivenow.ie




For further information, please contact:


Niall Mulligan,

Executive Director

HIV Ireland

70 Eccles Street

Dublin 7

Mobile:  085 7457951

Tel: 01 8733799

Email: niall.mulligan@hivireland.ie