Press Release – STIs on the rise: HIV Ireland partners with Durex to promote safer sex

HIV Ireland aiming to start national dialogue about safer sex as incidence of STIs in Ireland increase:

  • Latest data show 10% increase[i] in STIs from 2016-2017
  • Almost 10 people a week diagnosed with HIV[ii]
  • Just Carry One poster ads to be displayed on half of Dublin Bus fleet
  • Free Durex condoms available to public from HIV Ireland’s Dublin office  

Dublin, Ireland, 26th June 2018: As latest figures show an increase in sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in Ireland, HIV Ireland has launched a first-of-its-kind partnership with Durex to promote its Just Carry One initiative, which sees Dublin Bus prominently displaying educational ads urging safer sex on half of its fleet.

The awareness campaign comes at a time when almost 10 people a week are diagnosed HIV [i]in Ireland. Furthermore, 2017 saw a 10% increase in STI notifications compared to 2016 in Ireland, with a 7.6% increase in chlamydia; 15.6% increase in gonorrhea; and 14.2% increase in genital herpes.[ii]

From June 22nd – July 6th, the Just Carry One posters can be seen on 50% of the Dublin Bus fleet.

Just Carry One is a national social media campaign that promotes the consistent use of condoms to help protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV. Young people between the ages of 17 and 25 are a key audience for this campaign – it is believed that in 2017, young people aged 15-24 accounted for 50% of chlamydia diagnoses, 39% of gonorrhea cases, and 38% of genital herpes cases.’[iii]

Viewers of the eye-catching Just Carry One posters will be advised to drop in to HIV Ireland’s offices from June 22nd – July 6th to receive a free Durex condom pack, as well as enter a competition to win a special Durex goodie bag on HIV Ireland’s social channels by answering the question – ‘How do you carry yours?’

Irish research carried out by Durex shows that 68% of young people, aged between 18 – 24, have never had an STI check,[iv] and that 1-in-10 young people have had STI scare. [v]

According to HIV Ireland CEO Niall Mulligan:

HIV Ireland is very pleased that both Durex and Dublin Bus have recognised the importance of the Just Carry One initiative and pledged their support for the campaign, which encourages condom use among young people. Practicing safer sex is crucial to avoid a continuing increase in STI incidence in Ireland. A greater national dialogue about safer sex and STI prevention is needed.

“It is really alarming that so many young people are not using condoms to prevent STIs. We hope that these thought provoking posters on Dublin Bus will help start this national conversation.”

Maria Mealiffe, Senior Brand Activation Manager at Reckitt Benckiser, commented:

“Durex is proud to support HIV Ireland’s Just Carry One initiative. Research we have conducted here at Durex shows some worrying statistics – as well as a casual attitude towards condom use. It is worrying to learn, for example, that 68% of young people[vi] have never even been tested for an STI. The best way to reduce risk of catching an STI is to regularly use a condom. For this special initiative Durex will donate all condoms to HIV Ireland for free giveaway during the duration of the Dublin Bus ads.

We hope by supporting HIV Ireland in this way, and continuing our brand’s commitment to social education, that we ultimately help encourage safer sex.”



Sandra Ryan | Nicole Chesser | Teneo PSG |

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